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2022 Course Highlights

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2022 Shoulder360 Course
Sponsors & Exhibitors 

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2022 Shoulder360 Course Faculty

George Athwal, MD 

London, Ontario

Pascal Boileau, MD

Nice, France

Chris Chuinard, MD

Traverse City, MI

Brian Cole, MD 

Chicago, IL 

Wesley Cox, MD

Fayetteville, AR 

Patrick Denard, MD 

Medford, OR

Xavier Duralde, MD

Atlanta, GA

Sara Edwards, MD

Berkeley, CA 

Bassem Elhassan, MD 

Boston, MA

Paul Favorito, MD

Cincinnati, OH

Evan Lederman, MD 

Phoenix, AZ 

William Levine, MD

New York, NY

Jonathan Levy, MD 

Oakland Park, FL

Augustus Mazzocca, MD 

Boston, MA

Anthony Miniaci, MD 

Cleveland, OH

Anand Murthi, MD 

Baltimore, MD

Ronald Navarro, MD 

Los Angeles, CA 

Brad Parsons, MD 

New York, NY

Kevin Plancher, MD 

New York, NY

Howard Routman, DO

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Evan Flatow, MD

New York, NY

Mark Frankle, MD 

Temple Terrace, FL


Leesa Galatz, MD 

New York, NY

Grant Garrigues, MD 

Chicago, IL

Lawrence Gulotta, MD 

New York, NY

Carolyn Hettrich, MD 

Boston, MA

Joseph Iannotti, MD 

Weston, FL

Jay Keener, MD

St. Louis, MO 

Sumant "Butch" Krishnan, MD 

Dallas, TX

Laurent Lafosse, MD 

Annecy, France 

Vani Sabesan, MD 

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Matthew Saltzman, MD 

Chicago, IL 

Joaquin Sanchez-Sotelo, MD

Rochester, MN

Markus Scheibel, MD 

Zurich, Switzerland 

John Sperling, MD

Rochester, MN

Robert Tashjian, MD 

 Salt Lake City, UT

James Tibone, MD 

Los Angeles, CA

Michael Wiater, MD 

Beverly Hills, MI

Gerald Williams, MD

Bryn Mawr, PA

Gautam Yagnik, MD 

Miami, FL

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